Meet The Team

We are a collaborative, hardworking business with family values at the core of everything we do. We are proud to have worked together for over a decade, striving to create the best business event platform that inspires and supports our clients to perform better business.

Aaron Hussain

Strategic Partnerships Executive

Abigail Labaton

Head of Product

Andrew Morris

Marketing Operations Specialist

Anita Oakley

CIO Partnerships Executive

Brendan Lampitt

Partnerships Executive

Charlotte Crosby

Senior Event Project Manager

Eden Lowry

Event Project Manager

Erin Pritchard

Delegate Partnerships Executive

Frankie Windsor

Delegate Partnerships Executive

Frazer Johnson

Delegate Partnerships Executive

Gareth Stacey

Global Accounts Manager

Georgie Allman

Event Project Manager

We create learning experiences

We love to provide business learning opportunities for thousands of global and regional clients.

Gerryn Hussain

Sales Operations Manager

Ian Cooper

Partnerships Executive

James Egan

Head of New Business Development

Jason Awatar

Founder & Director

Julian Davies

CISO Partnerships Executive

Kristian Smith

Partnerships Executive

Leigh Hussain

Managing Director

Liam Campbell

Delegate Partnerships Executive

Lisa Gerrish-Hussain

Social Media Executive

Louis Williams

Head of IT Platforms & Design

Lowri McCarthy-Swift

Client Relations Executive

Nikki Swift

Content Manager

We help build relationships

We connect people by working together to create a unique relationship facilitation service.

Owen Barrett

CMO Partnerships Executive

Rhys Downes

Partnerships Executive

Rhys Hussain

Head of Business Operations

Richard Blackwell

Head of Finance & HR

Rishi Awatar

Head of Event Operations

Rob Leyshon

Marketing Manager

Sean Gibbs

Digital Media Executive

Tony Bryan

Head of CISO Partnerships

Tyra Hussain

Human Resources Manager

Vicky Awatar

Digital Media Executive

Victoria Lewis

Delegate Partnerships Executive