Published June 16, 2021

No More Excuses: How the Cloud Keeps your Data Secure in an Ever-Changing Workplace


They say hindsight’s a wonderful thing, but knowing what you know now – with your wins and failures of the last decade behind you – what would you do differently if you could press a wipe-clean button and restart how you keep your tech stack secure?

With big swathes of your teams and ecosystem now working flexibly, and with many set to stay that way, Brian Brackenborough, CISO at Channel 4, believes now is the time to act: “It’s hard to think of any new business starting up these days without a cloud-first strategy, which gives them the jump on existing companies that have legacy services. The 2020 pandemic demonstrated how Cloud eased the transition from office-based working to home-based working, and for those that hadn’t made the jump, it’s time to bite the bullet, with focus on digital security.”

So, when it comes to rethinking how to keep your data, workflows and teams safe in the cloud, where do you start? With this new hybrid of home workers versus office-based teams, anyone responsible for a company’s digital security faces a challenge. In this panel session, Brian is joined by Debra Okwuzi, Security and Compliance expert at Dropbox, and Nick Smith, IT & Digital Operations Director at 1,000heads, to discuss the role of cloud solutions, and how you can use them to retain trust, security and compliance with your data, no matter what’s going on in the world.


  • Brian Brackenborough, Chief Information Security Officer, Channel 4
  • Nick Smith, IT & Digital Operations Director, 1,000heads
  • Debra Okwuzi, Security & Compliance Expert, Dropbox Business

Rob Leyshon

Marketing Manager

Inspired Business Media