Published September 6, 2021

What are Roundtable Networking Dinners?


If you’re looking to plan a B2B event to network and meet with prospects, sponsoring a Roundtable Networking Dinner could be a great asset to your marketing efforts. Not only is it wonderful to host an event at a luxury venue it’s a chance for you to connect with your target accounts in a relaxed and intimate setting to build relationships with executives and boost your sales pipeline. 


What happens at a Roundtable Networking Dinner?

Roundtable Networking Dinners bring business executives together to network and build relationships with their like-minded peers. Dinners are hosted at luxury venues in business hub spots in major cities such as London, Manchester, Dublin and New York where attendees enjoy fine dining and a moderated roundtable discussion with ten like-minded business professionals and a supporting solution provider. Each dinner has a pre-planned theme with discussion points that aim to support executives in the business challenges their facing. 


What are the benefits?

  • Target audience – Networking dinners allow you to bring together like-minded executives that are all geared towards the same objectives. These could be representatives from your target accounts or companies that are facing challenges that your organisation could solve.
  • Thought leadership – Roundtables are designed to spark conversation and debate rather than to hard-sell a product or service. This creates a collaborative, insightful experience that attendees can truly benefit from and enjoy. Discussions can be tailored to topics/trends relevant to you and your organisation to get executives talking about the challenges their facing or the trends and innovations they are seeing. 
  • City-based locations – Networking dinners are hosted in easily accessible city locations in business hub stops and usually take place in the evening meaning executives can easily attend an event after their working day. 
  • Luxury laid back networking – Networking dinners are set in luxury venues that create a high end relaxed networking environment to build relationships, giving attendees an experience they’ll remember. 


Who attends?

As a host of Roundtable Networking dinner, you can tailor the attendee list to the business goals of your organisation. For example, if you want to target CMOs in the retail sector or CISOs in finance the Inspired Business Media Team can reach out to these executives and curate a roundtable of 10 target accounts. The Roundtable will also have an independent moderator to facilitate the conversation and a representative from your organisation to provide thought leadership. 


Roundtable Networking Dinner with Inspired Business Media in Amsterdam

* Business leaders based in the Benelux region at an Inspired Roundtable Networking Dinner in Amsterdam


How can I organise a Roundtable Networking Dinner?

If meeting your sales prospects in a luxury venue for an evening of fine dining, networking and thought leadership discussion sounds like all of your marketing wishes come true, get in touch with Inspired Business Media today to find out how we can work together to create the ideal event for your organisation’s sales goals.

Miriam Collett

PR and Communications Manager

Inspired Business Media