Navigating the future of Digital Regulation | CISO Summit Masterclass

As organizations increasingly embrace emerging technologies and artificial intelligence to drive innovation, there has been a developing focus on the importance of digital operational resilience and new evolving regulation from the European Commission. This session aims to delve into key aspects of the fast impending Digital Operational Resilience Act. Discover how to navigate DORA effectively, ensuring your organization not only meets current standards but also stays ahead in anticipating and adapting to future regulatory changes in the dynamic landscape of technology driven economy. The European Commission have established regulation and technical guidance to help expand focus from ensuring firms remain resilient to also making sure they’re able to maintain resilient operations through a severe operational disruption. DORA delves into Information Communication Technology (ICT) requirements going a step further with third parties, testing, incident management, reporting and more. This session aims to be interactive so you can share your challenges and thoughts. It will also take a look beyond DORA and at the future tech regulation including what to expect from the upcoming AIA (Artificial Intelligence Act) shedding light on how it intersects with the dynamic landscape of emerging technologies.

Watch the full masterclass below