Published April 21, 2020

What do you expect at a conference?

When attending a conference there will be a set of business needs that you expect to be met. It is an opportunity to be placed in front of your target audience, a set of key individuals and like-minded peers. A place where you can network, increase the probability of a sale, promote your brand and increase your expertise within a specific field.

At a conference, Networking with peers in a business environment will give you the opportunity to understand business needs. Attending group networking sessions will enable you and your peers to establish meaningful engagements and to thrash out the challenges that need solutions. Networking will be done face-to-face and could take many forms such as; a networking lunch, networking drinks or a round table dinner. Each approach will be a chance to have meaningful engagements in an entrepreneur meet -up format.

Getting in front of your target audience for a B2B meeting will help your business to build its credibility by generating new leads and increasing the probability of a sale. The level of engagement will help your understanding of real-time business requirements and therefore, help to shape future sales strategies. Increasing your brand awareness through business marketing is invaluable. Attending a conference will give you that face-to-face interaction, which allows you to build on your reputation as an expert within the field. This will enhance your credibility as a brand, gaining trust from prospective clients.

Aside from networking, you would expect to see live educational workshops and to participate in informative one-to-one meetings. A masterclass session can be demonstrated in front of a live target audience, allowing for question and answer sessions. Personalised meetings will enable a focused B2B approach. There will often be an inspiring panel discussion aimed at provoking thought leadership. This can then be shared after the conference on blogs and other forms of digital and social media formats, further building your business credentials. Round table engagements will offer hosting opportunities and may take the form of a dinner. A personal approach to demonstrate loyalty in your business intentions.

Businesses want a platform in which to showcase themselves and so a luxury venue will play host to most conferences. This all adds to the credibility of what you are offering to other businesses. Quality time with executives cannot be arranged or achieved through one desktop. The logistical approach taken to bring everyone together at the same time, in the same place is extremely complex. Calendars need to be synchronised and time needs to be managed and coordinated to have multiple prospective clients in one place. To schedule a business meeting to suit everyone is often impossible to achieve, so a conference offers the opportunity as a hosting engagement. You can expect a conference to be scheduled with a running itinerary of what’s happening at what time and ideally, with the direction of where you are expected to be.

Time is a key factor for all forms of networking and the conference format will be key for you to understand business needs much quicker than you could from having numerous business meetings. Furthermore, it allows businesses to build credibility and to establish long term relationships with each other. A conference is a tool and a platform for all businesses.  Multiple networking opportunities are organised for you, aimed at generating business deals in the long term. Ultimately, you can use these gatherings to build on your business marketing and to enhance specialist knowledge within a given subject. All of these points demonstrate a valuable use of time and what you would expect to achieve.

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