Published January 12, 2021

Top Podcasts for Business Leaders


Podcasts are a great tool for learning and with business being one of the most popular genres there are hundreds that are relevant to business leaders and entrepreneurs. Not only are podcasts interesting and entertaining they are a great way to engage in professional development and broaden your mind with minimal effort. If you want to level up your industry knowledge or improve your leadership style subscribing to a podcast could give you the perfect dose of thought leadership and inspiration to develop your professional self.  Here are a few of our favourite podcasts for business leaders. 


How I Built This with Guy Raz

Want to know how some of the biggest companies in the world started? You’re in the right place with this podcast. Hosted by Guy Raz each episode explores the inception of big brands with their founders. From Dropbox’s CEO, Drew Houston to Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx, business leaders share how they started, the mistakes they made and the lessons they learnt while establishing themselves and their brand. One of our favourite episodes is one in which Burt’s Bees Founder, Roxanne Quimby, discusses how she and her business partner, Burt Shavitz, went from selling candles and lip balm at farmers markets to selling their company for $350 million. 


Dose of Leadership 

Leadership can take many forms and while most of us turn to CEOs and Founders for guidance it’s just as valuable to learn from others in varied leadership positions. Does of Leadership draws on the perspectives of business professionals as well as religious leaders, military figures and more to offer a more holistic view of what makes a great leader. These insightful interviews will provide you with inspiration and practical advice on how to manage and lead your team in the best way possible. 


The Introvert Entreprenur

If you feel that networking and putting yourself out there doesn’t come naturally this podcast is perfect for you. The Introvert Entrepreneur provides tips and guidance for getting you and your brand noticed, raising productivity and tackling business-related fears from a humble perspective. This Podcast is described as a safe place to gain insight and empowerment for leadership and business success. 


The Foundr Podcast

This podcast dives into pretty much every aspect of business operations you could think of. From mastering your mindset to utilizing Facebook ads, Foundr features conversations with business leaders that provide practical solutions and insight into overcoming everyday business challenges. One of our favourite episodes features Gym Shark Founder, Ben Francis, discussing viral growth and influencer marketing. 


As Told By Nomads

Hosted by digital marketing specialist, Tayo Rockson, As Told By Nomads offers guidance for entrepreneurs and business leaders on utilising digital marketing to get their business noticed. Episodes feature interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders from various cultural backgrounds and industries who discuss what it takes to be recognised on a global scale. If you’re in need of a fresh approach to digital marketing this is the Podcast for you.   


HBR IdeaCast

Created by the Harvard Business Review, the HBR IdeaCast offers weekly episodes featuring leading thinkers in business and management discussing industry insights, research and their personal experiences within their fields. With over 700 episodes and counting, you’ll find an episode that speaks to you and your challenges.


Virtual Roundtables Podcast 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could listen in to conversations between business leaders discussing the challenges and trends in their industry? With this podcast, you can do just that. Virtual Roundtables bring leading business executives together to discuss specific topics in their industry and generate thought leadership. Technology, Sales and Marketing and Information Security are just some of the industries covered in this thought-provoking podcast. 

Miriam Collett

Media Communications Executive

Inspired Business Media