Published October 26, 2020

The Value of DevOps Transformation


Alistair Russell moderates a discussion between Steve Davies, Head of Architecture MCIT at HSBC, Colin Fletcher, Market Research & Customer Insights at Gitlab and Sam Hill, Head of Software Engineering at BBC.

As an IT leader you are leaning on DevOps methodologies to help your business meet market needs; to do so, your DevOps teams must find ways to accelerate the speed of delivery, decrease code flaws and improve time to market.

Discussion Points: –

The financial impact of an effective DevOps strategy

The role of a unified approach to DevOps in order to impact quality, security, productivity and collaboration

DevOps best practice and How to reduce “tool tax”

Join our panellists for an in-depth discussion about understanding the fundamentals of value and cost reduction in the ever-changing agile world of software development.

Rob Leyshon

Marketing Manager

Inspired Business Media