Published March 8, 2021

The Future of Customer Experience & Digital Onboarding


Today, more customers than ever are shifting to digital. Even late adopters of the digital trend in 2019 are being forced to use digital in 2020. That means that organisations must prioritise their digital experiences. Digital strategies may involve both enhancing existing applications and building new digital interactions. In this new, fast-paced digital world, ensuring security, agility and extraordinary customer experiences are all critical.

The way you choose to implement customer identity services like account set up, identity verification, secure customer authentication and a unified customer profile play a critical role in reducing abandonment rates, acquiring new customers, increasing product cross-sells and driving revenue.

Join this panel session where we discuss the strategies, successes, missteps and results industry peers have seen when leveraging customer identity to strike a balance between security and convenience.

Rob Leyshon

Marketing Manager

Inspired Business Media