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22 Oct 2019 | Get Abstract
To Thrive In Modern Economy, Forget Doing Things the Old Way

During his business career, Lars Kolind was group chairman of Grundfos, the world’s largest manufacturer of water pumps. It might sound like a staid business, but this role led Kolind to...

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21 Oct 2019 | Cisco
Targets and Trends to Watch in Europe

To stay safe, today’s businesses must understand the types of cyberattacks they may encounter and how to implement strong cybersecurity practices. Do hackers play by the same rules across the...

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19 Oct 2019 | Kiwi Power
When it comes to battery degradation, every charge cycle counts

Paul Soskin, KiWi Power’s Operations System Analyst, assesses the impact of Depth of Discharge and State of Charge on an asset’s life expectancy. As battery owners and operators seek to...

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18 Oct 2019 | Optiv
2019 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate: Security Must Be Strategic

In his introduction to the 2019 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate (CTIE), General David Petraeus, U.S. Army (Retired), makes clear that cybersecurity must be C-suite business: …cybersecurity and risk management can...

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17 Oct 2019 | Inspired Business Media
CMO Conference October 2019 Recap

On Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th October 2019, the Inspired CMO conference was held at Denham Grove, Uxbridge. The CMO Conference is an industry-driven learning experience for high-level marketing executives,...

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16 Oct 2019 | Dropbox
We glorify hyperactivity to the detriment of our thoughts—but Abraham Lincoln can...

On March 4, 1861, Abraham Lincoln, then an untested one-term congressman, was sworn in as President. But before he even took office, the United States was thrown into an existential...

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15 Oct 2019 | arm
Could the Best Backseat Driver Be a Frontseat AI?

Arm and Pioneer join forces to explore how artificial intelligence-powered predictive scoring could make for safer roads By Kazuki Ohta, VP of Technology, Arm IoT Services Group (ISG)   You’re...

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15 Oct 2019 | LifeWorks
Incorporating Mental Wellness in the Workplace

We all know the importance of physical fitness in keeping us healthy and vibrant throughout our lives. What you may not know is that mental fitness is equally important. In...

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10 Oct 2019 |
Let us talk about the Workplace X Summit 2019

On Thursday 3rd October 2019, the Inspired Workplace X Summit took place at Twickenham Stadium, London. Workplace X Summit is an immersive business experience for high-level executives across four industries: Facilities Management, Learning...

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24 Sep 2019 | Inspired Business Media
Playboy Club, The Iconic Brand

Nicole Levinson, SVP of Brand Marketing at Playboy Club, led a masterclass at the Inspired conference in New York to share her experiences in building the brand through traditional and...

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11 Jul 2019 | Inspired Business Media
Lifting All Boats: Developing Leaders Who Develop Leaders

Rachel Nelms, Director of Learning and Development at Mailchimp, delivered an informative workshop at the CLO Inspired conference on the leadership development programmes used at the organisation. Mailchimp’s first leadership...

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1 Jul 2019 | Inspired Business Media
It’s Been Emotional – The Role of Emotion in B2B Decision Making

Nick Mason, CEO and Founder of Turtl, led a masterclass at the CMO Inspired conference to explore the role of emotion in B2B decision making. Challenging the preconception that B2B...

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