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19 Jan 2020 | Active Workplace Solutions
How Company Branding Can Be Reflected Through Office Design

There was once a time when the office was used solely as a workplace – this is why office design of the past was based on the 'factory floor' concept; people were stuck in every...

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19 Jan 2020 | Personio
Writing Job Descriptions with Impact – Here Is How

Job ads are one of the most important tools in e-Recruiting. According to Statista, 34 percent of all new hires are found through online job portals, and roughly 30 percent through...

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19 Jan 2020 | Hysolate
Endpoints and Network Segmentation Best Practices

Network segmentation is a common and effective cybersecurity countermeasure. As attacks get more sophisticated, however, security tactics need to advance in parallel. For example, endpoints (laptops, desktops and workstations) are...

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13 Jan 2020 | Inspired Business Media
The Benelux CXO Conference in Amsterdam Recap

On Thursday 5th December 2019, the Inspired CXO Conference was held at the Apollo Hotel Vinkeveen, Amsterdam. The CXO Conference brought together senior executives from three industries: Marketing, Information Technology...

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13 Jan 2020 | Inspired Business Media
The Importance of Face-to-Face Marketing

With the rise of technology and social media, digital marketing is a top priority for many businesses. Emails, messages and social content provide efficient ways to connect with a targeted...

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27 Dec 2019 |
What is Google Discover & How Can You Optimize for It?

To talk about Google Discover, we’ve got to first backtrack to 2012 when Google launched the first iteration of the concept, Google Now. The feature was part of the Google Search...

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27 Dec 2019 | Logitech
Gaming for Good

People are increasingly aware of the impact their shopping choices have on the world around them, and are demanding that brands do more. Consumers are looking to brands like Logitech...

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27 Nov 2019 | Inspired Business Media
How to Build Successful Design Teams

Julie Kennedy, User Experience Director at Saint-Gobain, hosted an informative masterclass at the CMO Inspired Conference to discuss how to build successful design teams. Julie shares insight into how an organisation can...

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26 Nov 2019 | Hewlett Packard
5 questions every business leader should ask their IT department

I was in a customer meeting a few weeks back where the cost of their IT downtime was a hot topic.  On the train on the way back I started...

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26 Nov 2019 | CBRE
Fighting Climate Change with Digital Technology

As building designs become more technical and driven for better sustainability performance ensuring they operate effectively is paramount – BIM and Asset IQ in terms of providing solutions. We can...

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25 Nov 2019 | Kenna Security
Five Years In, RBVM Has Shifted Into Overdrive

Just about five years ago, I posted my first blog as this company’s freshly minted CEO. If you read it, you can sense I was excited about the team I came here to lead,...

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25 Nov 2019 | Veolia
The fashion industry doesn’t have to cost the earth

Fast fashion contributes more carbon emissions than air travel, pushing retailers to green their supply chains In the UK we consume more clothes per person than any other country in...

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