Over 2400 organisation participated at our conferences and events in 2019. We are highlighting industry leading content provided by our clients to offer senior level decision makers the chance to learn and understand more about challenges that executives face day to day in their roles. You can engage further with our sponsors at our conferences that provide a high level educational learning platform of all participants.

16 Jun 2020 |
How to Network with Senior Business Leaders

Networking can be challenging for many people but networking with senior executives can seem daunting and often impossible to achieve. Are we over-thinking a simple act of communication that can...

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21 May 2020 |
Virtual Roundtables Live – Marketing & Sales Round-up

Chaired by Andy Brent, Moderator. The discussion brought together perspectives from; Meher Mumtaz, Head of Global Brand Operations for Western Union, Amit Sharma, Global Marketing Strategy Head & Lead for...

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19 May 2020 | Inspired Business Media
Virtual Roundtables Live – Workplace Round-up

On the 2nd of April 2020, the Workplace X Conference was due to be hosted by Inspired Business Media at the iconic venue of Ascot racecourse. Leaders in Learning and...

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18 May 2020 | Inspired Business Media
It’s not just the CIO that spends the budget.

There has long been the CIO/CMO power struggle when it comes to decision making but there is an emerging process of engagement with other C-level executives, outside of the business...

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12 May 2020 |
How to Achieve Contact Centre Workforce Management Optimisation

Call and contact centres up and down the country are affected by the pandemic. In line with isolation procedures, contact centre agents should work from home as much as possible....

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11 May 2020 |
Webinar: How to Create a Productive Working Culture for a Varying Workforce...

How to Create a Productive Working Culture for a Varying Workforce in the Current Climate. This Virtual Roundtable Webinar will discuss how a multi-generational workforce has had to adapt quickly...

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4 May 2020 |
Can I Organise a Virtual Event?

Anyone can organise a virtual event. The key is acquiring relevant content and having the time that is needed, to organise the delivery of a digital gathering.  Providing you have...

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21 Apr 2020 | Inspired Business Media
What do you expect at a conference?

When attending a conference there will be a set of business needs that you expect to be met. It is an opportunity to be placed in front of your target...

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9 Apr 2020 |
How Can I Still Network During Coronavirus Lock-Down?

The United Kingdom was put into lockdown on 23rd March in an escalated response against the spread of the COVID-19. Across the country, businesses have been forced to create arrangements for employees...

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27 Mar 2020 | Inspired Business Media
Remote Working: The Dos and Don’ts

Remote working has been gaining popularity in recent years, with more organisations offering employees the flexibility to work away from the office. But while the number of people regularly working...

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24 Mar 2020 | Inspired Business Media
Will Coronavirus Mark the Dominance of Virtual Events

Business events have long been an important way for professionals to share knowledge, market their products and develop new business relationships. From intimate roundtable dinners to busy conferences, many senior...

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18 Mar 2020 | Inspired Business Media
What are Virtual Roundtables? What are the Benefits?

A Virtual Roundtable is a thought-leading discussion between senior corporate leaders using video conferencing technology. Offering a digital alternative to physical business events and roundtable dinners, Virtual Roundtables help professionals...

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