Published September 16, 2020

Inspiring Ted Talks to Watch on your Lunch Break

As many of us are working from home it’s easy to feel a little un-inspired during the working day. When taking a break for lunch or a quick coffee it’s easy just to scroll through social media or watch a bit a trashy day time tv, but watching or listening to talk on an interesting topic that’s relevant to your work could set you up for the rest of the working day and avoid that afternoon slump. From dealing with difficult co-workers to taking a stand on what is right in the workplace here are a few of our favourite business-related Ted Talks. 



Julia Milner TED Talk

Researcher and Management Consultant, Julia Milner, shares the surprising truth behind managing others and getting the most out of your team. Some would assume that managers and good leaders give good advice when the truth is the best leaders don’t give advice at all. Milner discusses how we should switch from giving advice or “motivational micromanaging” to coaching to allow others to problem solve and research considered conclusions. 


Be a better conversationalist

Celeste Headlee TED Talk

“Enter every conversation assuming you have something to learn”

We take conversations for granted but when was the last time you had a really good conversation at work? Where you came away with a true insight into the thought process and opinions of another? Where you really learnt something? In her Ted Talk Broadcaster, Celeste Headlee teaches us how to master the art of having a good conversation. 


How to sell

Derek Thompson TED Talks

No matter what your role is within a business the chances are you’re selling something. This can be directly or indirectly so, however, it’s likely that whatever you do your aim is to bring others around to you or your organisation’s way of thinking. In this Ted Talk, Derek Thompson explains the four-letter code for selling anything and how the combination of the familiar and the surprising can be the most effective way to grab peoples attention. 


Focusing your mind

Chris Bailey TED Talks

Working from home can bring up many challenges, one being the ability to stay focused. The distractions of being in the comfort of our own homes like being able to pick up our phone when we want can lead our minds to wander making us less productive. Author, Chris Bailey discusses his journey to becoming more focused and the lessons he has learnt along the way.


Standing up

Luvvie Ajayi TED TalkNow, more than ever, we need to stand up for what is right and point out instances of prejudice or discrimination both in our personal and professional lives. Holding any role within a business or organisation can give us the platform to speak up when we see injustice of any kind. In this talk author, Luvvie Ajayi discusses how we need to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” in order to ignite positive change.  


Making your business last

Martin Reeves TED Talk Martin Reeves speaks at TED@BCG salon, Session 2, Palais de Tokyo, May 18, 2016, Paris, France. Photo: Richard Hadley / TED

We have seen businesses come and go but we all want our business to be the one that stands the test of time. With a staggering amount of businesses failing within the first five years, how can we ensure that our product or service has longevity? Martin Reeves, author and Chairman at BCG Henderson Institute lays out the fundamental attributes of the businesses that succeed long term. 


Dealing with difficult people

Jay Johnson TED Talk

We’ve all been there, frustrated with the people we work with or our clients for various reasons. Maybe they’re not attentive when we’re communicating with them or maybe they become defensive or aggressive when their opinion is opposed. We’re only human and the truth is we’re not going to like everyone we meet, but we can work to change our mindset about the people that cause us stress. CEO of Coeus Creative Group and Organisational Performance Coach Jay Johnson discussed how we can deal with those who we find difficult in an effective and productive way. 

Miriam Collett

Media Communications Executive

Inspired Business Media