Published March 8, 2021

How to Create Real Operation Resilience Together


Too many companies key services go down and cannot be recovered at the speed to meet their business need, often not considering their appetite for business risk or reflecting their IT Risk stance. Consider the retailer who wants their website back up in 5 minutes and yet they have an 8 hour SLA on the hardware and a 16-hour database rebuild.

The impact of outages is real and is often both human and financial. The harsh reality is that we are unable to travel, unable to access money, and even worse, hospitals cannot treat patients and we need to create real Operational Resilience.

This session explores how an operational resilience strategy is used to mitigate the impact of IT disruption on the business. It will focus on the risks you need to identify in order to protect applications and data; exploring how to perform a recovery in a fast, reliable and scalable way.

Rob Leyshon

Marketing Manager

Inspired Business Media