Published October 7, 2020

How do we beat ‘Zoom Fatigue’ in today’s world of webinars?

When lagging connections are draining our level of engagement, we need to find a way to stay connected and reach a fulfilling level of commitment.


As the pandemic lingers on and companies are relying on Zoom and other live platforms to connect with executives, the ‘zoom fatigue’ is setting in. Delays in technology such as lagging connections and audio delays can leave us frustrated and irritable. Conversations are not always flowing as smoothly as we’d like and this can cause executives to avoid certain forms of virtual engagement. In recent months, we have had to develop a heightened emphasis on facial cues. We have become so familiar with having to concentrate at a higher level to read non-verbal cues and this can be draining. According to Natasha Gillezeau of Financial Review; “Even delays of 1.2 seconds made people perceive the responder as less friendly or focused.” The lack of eye contact and self-consciousness in the virtual world can leave us assessing background scenes and facial expressions when we’d rather be fully engaged with our peers.


What can business leaders do to reduce the ‘zoom doom’?

Executives need to use webinars and other online platforms to deliver workshops, panels and presentations but business leaders need to be adapting their delivery. Presentations need to be shorter, sharper and more sufficient or they will risk losing engagement with executives. If it’s too long, executives will zone-out and you risk losing out on vital content and delivery of critical knowledge. Vendors need to modify how they are going to convey their message, as well as, focusing on the delivery of their tone, pitch and facial signals. We don’t need a performance but we do need to consider these factors and how they will help us retain attention.

Webinars in particular are a great platform to address and deliver content but decision-makers need to be aware of the benefits to the business leaders. If the webinar is used in a lecture-style format, the delegation is going to lose focus and motivation to be present.


So, what do business leaders want from a virtual webinar?

Decision-makers, delegates, business leaders all need time to network. An opportunity to share and discuss key business initiatives has never been more needed. Business leaders wants to hear forward-thinking ideas, just as much as they want to share their thoughts and problems with like-minded business leaders. Business leaders want to develop and discuss strategies to move forward. They need the planning tools that can drive the strategies, but more importantly, business leaders need the techniques and insights to help them. Business leaders have to make effective decisions in a chaotic climate. So, a simple platform in which to discuss challenges has become essential.


So how can executives deliver an informative yet interactive platform for discussion?

Vendors need to understand the value of picking the right third party offering and how they can help them to deliver in the most successful way. Using an Events Company offering virtual roundtables, webinars and other digital seminars is important. But, arguably the most important factor for a vendor to consider, is to choose a team that will understand their challenges and requirements and work with them on an offering to meet these needs. More often than not, the challenges lead them to get quality time in front of business leaders, as well as, helping them to build quality relationships with decision-makers and gain a competitive advantage by positioning themselves as thought leaders and experts. This could be either to net new customers from a targeted account list and set of criteria, or it could be expanding existing relationships into new lines of business to increase the profitability. Achieving this will help to fill the void from physical events and face to face networking.


How can business leaders make the most of virtual events?

Using technology platforms to include break-out sessions for networking, for example, is one-way executives can make the most of virtual events. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions, give comments and break down sections of the online format, making it more manageable and focused. Inspired Business Media use Virtual Roundtables consisting of; quality discussions and an option for one to one conversations whilst those key points are still hot and current in their minds. These roundtables also provide an opportunity to gain honest and insightful feedback from prospects. This helps with messaging and product development for all executives to take forward. You can see Inspired Business Media’s Virtual Roundtables calendar and register your interest for upcoming events here.

Keeping professionals connected whilst reducing their carbon footprint is essential for the future. However, this can only be a success if executives are given quality time to build effective relationships to drive businesses forward and this should be a key consideration when planning for virtual opportunities.

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Pramel Shah

Global Sales Director

Inspired Business Media