Published December 27, 2019

Gaming for Good

People are increasingly aware of the impact their shopping choices have on the world around them, and are demanding that brands do more. Consumers are looking to brands like Logitech G and ASTRO to drive eco-friendly initiatives through every level of our business.

For many years, Logitech has quietly worked to minimize our climate footprint while designing and delivering gaming products that consumers are proud to use and support. Today, we are extending these efforts to future generations of gamers by making all ASTRO and Logitech G products CarbonNeutral(R).

The carbon footprint of the materials, design, manufacturing, shipment, and end of life recycling of all Logitech G and ASTRO products has been reduced to net-zero emissions in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. Launched in 2002 by Natural Capital Partners, the Protocol provides a clear set of guidelines for carbon neutrality that remains the standard for businesses around the world. We’re proud of the steps we’ve taken to meet its criteria, including reducing emissions through the sustainable design of lighter weight materials, better packaging and the purchase of offsets from verified emission reduction projects.

As our CEO, Bracken Darrell said today in a press release regarding our company wide sustainability commitments, “…we are making a pledge to future generations that we will use our leadership in design to not only create a great user experience, but to do so in a way that is sustainable for the planet. We want to leave our mark on the future. We know that mark can be positive or negative, depending on the large and small decisions we make each and every day.” This is true for gaming and across the company.

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint extends to the design and innovation of our products. With our ecodesign approach, we have shown that we can reduce the weight and carbon footprint impact of our products. For example, through advanced engineering tools and a novel endoskeleton design, we were able to make the Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse 28% lighter and use 19% less plastic than its predecessor, the Logitech G900.

In addition, we have set a goal to maximize packaging efficiency by reducing the overall weight, carbon and toxicity of materials. We’ve identified and pursued a number of opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging on our top-selling gaming products. These reductions were achieved through weight reduction, the use of alternative materials (primarily paper, to replace plastic) and improvements in overall packaging efficiency. Wherever possible, we design for recyclability and look to use materials that encourage recycling — like making the move to PVC-free packaging in all our gaming products. Moving forward, we will continue to eliminate more single-use virgin plastic, use more recycled content, and prioritize recyclability at the forefront of our design thinking.

Lastly, we took a long look at how we optimize energy efficiency, as it is a driving factor for product development and innovation and offers a significant opportunity to reduce a product’s carbon footprint. In 2017, we introduced our HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor, the most energy-efficient wireless gaming sensor yet. Ten times more efficient than its previous generation, with no trade-off in performance, the high-performing HERO sensor incorporates an entirely new silicon sensor and tracking system, which can shut down circuitry in between image capture to conserve energy. Since its inception, we have launched a wide variety of gaming mice featuring the HERO sensor system, each bringing an improvement in product battery life compared with previous generations.

As you can see, our team has been hard at work to make sustainability pervasive across all aspects of our product lineup and go-to-market process. The team continues to execute and think ahead on our long-term strategy to further reduce the carbon and environmental impact of future products. Our goal is to give back more than we take, because we believe there’s nothing more important than creating a more innovative, sustainable world. For more information on our sustainability efforts, please visit FY19 Annual Sustainability Report.

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