Published November 2, 2020

Disrupt your Thinking: The Conversational Customer Journey


2020 has seen one of the most disruptive phases in business history. Yet the challenges brands are facing today have uncovered the opportunity of technology, and the power of a conversational strategy, to create a more resilient, efficient and connected future.

The disruption has accelerated years of digital transformation in just a matter of weeks. With that, customer contact is approaching a renaissance; remote work is proving to be effective, messaging technology is replacing phone volumes, and some brands are looking to make virtual care a full-time practice. With shifting consumer behaviours, online shopping is also at an all-time high, making messaging channels more important than ever before as an avenue to drive sales via personalised digital buying journeys.

It’s now a critical time to re-evaluate your customer contact strategy from the very first touchpoint. Both customers and agents are expected to adopt messaging as their preferred means of communication, a new normal that needs to be planned for. But what is the long-term strategy to operationalise this shift? How do brands plan and prepare for what their businesses will look like?

Hear from Augusta Ventures’ Leor Franks, LivePerson’s Samantha Rosendorff, Welsh Water’s Kit Wilson, Centrica Bord Gais’ Gavin Killen & Close Brothers’ Will Kingston on the latest developments in AI-powered messaging and the trends you need to know to stay ahead of the curve. We’ll explore how the world’s leading brands are scaling their messagingAI and automation capabilities to engage their customers across the entire lifecycle; from discovery, through to purchase, delivery, after-sales support, upsell and renewal – every step of the customer journey is now conversational.


Rob Leyshon

Marketing Manager

Inspired Business Media