Published November 26, 2020

Building a Secure, Sustainable IT Stack for Remote Work


This session brings together industry experts to look at how the global pandemic has forced many organisations to initiate work-from-home strategies to ensure business continuity and the emerging issues that come with it.

Naturally, as with any disruptive change; gaps in legacy systems, IT Infrastructure and security vulnerabilities in the IT stack have emerged that need immediate action to ensure the survival of the business in a post-covid world.

During this session, our panel of experts discuss:

  • Digital Transformation to ensure long term business continuity
  • Emerging issues around security, like ransomware, phishing attacks, customer data breaches and intellectual property theft.
  • How to move documents, data and employees to the cloud, securely and often in a matter of days/weeks.
  • The journey deeper into the cloud and the new security challenges that may bring

Rob Leyshon

Marketing Manager

Inspired Business Media