Zero-Trust: Buzzword, Technology or Infosec Nirvana?


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Zero trust architecture and service mesh are two complementary approaches to building secure and reliable modern applications. Service mesh provides a framework for managing and securing microservices-based applications, while zero trust architecture is a security framework that assumes that every user and device is a potential threat. Istio is an open-source service mesh platform that provides a comprehensive set of features for managing microservices-based applications, including traffic management, load balancing, and security. By combining Istio with zero trust architecture, businesses can create a secure and reliable microservices-based architecture that is well-suited for modern cloud-native applications. With Istio, businesses can implement a zero trust security model and benefit from a powerful set of tools for monitoring and analyzing network traffic, which can be used to identify and mitigate potential security threats. Join this session to find out how businesses can approach a zero trust mindset, and what measures need to be taken to achieve a high degree of security and reliability of their architecture, while remaining flexible and scalable.

This Masterclass was Recorded at the CISO Summit at Syon Park, London in May 2023.

Speaker: Scott Dainty, Sales Director  –

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