Why Diversity and Inclusion are Essential to your Digital Strategy

The topic around digital accessibility was pushed to the forefront in 2020 as the coronavirus enforced isolation and exposed the severe scale of digital poverty in communities across the UK. As people settle back into a routine working environment once again, the question around inclusivity , and how businesses are working to strengthen their teams, regardless of background, heritage and accessibility, is a necessary strategic move to ensure growth and competitive advantage. This panel discussion will highlight why businesses today need to prioritise a workplace that offers both diversity and inclusion, and why investing in their people is key if they are to ensure a digital strategy that succeeds.

This Panel was Recorded at the CIO Summit at Syon Park, London in May 2023.

Speakers: Dax Grant – Moderator, Neil Shah, IT & Digital Director – Trains – Arriva, Alison Court, Chief Transformation Officer – Oxfam and Sol Enenmoh, Director – Group Digitalisation – HSBC

Watch the full masterclass below