Why Digital Trust is Imperative for Business Growth


Values and ethics have always been the foundations for a successful business. Modern digital businesses that want to be perceived as reliable and trustworthy need to recognise the importance of having a robust cybersecurity strategy, more than ever before. In order to create relationships with customers that are long lasting and built on trust, businesses need to establish a technology landscape that can enforce security and identity policies without introducing friction. This panel will discuss how digital trust is now essential to a business remaining competitive, a critical business enabler, and a critical component in establishing lasting customer loyalty. With vast amounts of data being produced, high risk industries such as healthcare and finance need to tackle security-conscious culture as a result of changes like WFH initiatives and ensure the security of vital assets.

This Panel was Recorded at the CIO Summit at Syon Park, London in May 2023.

Speaker: Nick Jones, Moderator, Dan Overton, EMEA Information Security Officer/UK DPO – Lockheed Martin, Simon Schofield, Head of Security – Atradius and Sarah Lawson, CISO, UCL (University College London)

Watch the full masterclass below