The Top 5 Challenges in Most Organizations | Palo Alto Networks Masterclass


Founded on extensive work with organizations across industries and countries, in addition to data from a recent survey with 1300 C-level respondents, this talk will introduce the top 5 challenges most modern organizations are experiencing, either stemming from the internal digital ambitions or the evolving world surrounding them. Deep insights and advice naturally included. Jesper Olsen is the Chief Security Officer for Northern Europe at Palo Alto Networks. Joining the company in 2021, he brings 20+ years of experience and knowledge working with cybersecurity across software development, systems & security architecture, strategy, and government policy. Prior to joining Palo Alto Networks, Jesper was a Senior Information Security Officer at Maersk Drilling in the wake of the NotPetya incident, where he was responsible for the Global cybersecurity strategy and programmes. Prior to this, he was a National Representative for Denmark in NATO on communications, cryptographic and PKI security, and also spent nine years as a Security Officer for the Danish Defense IT Agency.

This Masterclass was Recorded at the CISO Summit at Syon Park, London in May 2023.

Speaker: Jesper Olsen, Chief Security Officer for Northern Europe – Palo Alto Networks.

Watch the full masterclass below