Published June 9, 2022

The Importance of Data to Reach the Right Customers at the Right Time | Speaking with Propel Finance’s Julie Warren


Julie Warren is a talented Marketing leader with over 35 years of experience within the finance industry. Starting her career in sales and then moving into marketing, Julie is an advocate for taking a holistic approach to business, aligning sales and marketing to achieve business success. This way of thinking also filters to the teams themselves within the business. For Julie, aligning your team’s purpose and goals as well as empowering them to make business-led decisions is key to their development within the organisation. 

Julie is also passionate about leveraging external partners in order to achieve certain business goals. In this interview, Julie discusses the importance of data to reach the right customers at the right time and how building relationships with external data professionals can be the key to accessing and using data efficiently.  It’s this process of delegating tasks that Julie also says is vital to balancing multiple disciplines that fall under the marketing umbrella when working within a smaller organisation. 

We spoke to Julie about aligning teams, data and even how she’s working with her local community to encourage young people to pursue careers in marketing, sales and the finance industry in our latest interview. 

To listen to the full interview, please click below.



Miriam Collett

PR and Communications Manager

Inspired Business Media