Reshaping Retail Resilience: Navigating Economic Downturns with Technology Transformation | CIO Masterclass

Speaker: Chris Williamson, Global Director of IT – N Brown Group

In these times of economic uncertainty, the retail landscape in the UK faces unprecedented challenges. Hear from Chris Williamson, Director of Technology at N Brown Group, an inclusive Retailer with ambitious goals of transforming a legacy technology estate into a microservices-driven digital powerhouse.

Catch the Wave of Transformation: We’ll explore how to harness adversity and turn it into an opportunity for growth. Discover the strategies N Brown is employing to not just survive but thrive in a challenging retail environment.

Doing More with Less: Learn the art of maximising resources and extracting value from legacy systems. Find out how N Brown is leveraging its existing technology assets to fuel its digital transformation journey.

From Legacy to Innovation: Dive into our approach to modernising and revitalising technology teams to align with the digital microservices future. Uncover the secrets to staying agile, responsive, and competitive in an ever-evolving market.

Watch the full masterclass below