Reinventing the Workplace for the Better


Emma Carroll is the Founder and Director of Learning at Choose to Grow, an organization that delivers flagship leadership development programs to large-scale organizations. Emma founded Choose to Grow after experiencing a continual change in the workplace and spotted a gap in the market to provide effective coaching and training for business leaders. 

Choose to Grow brings a systematic and energizing approach to organizational development, developing resilience in business leaders and teams to enable them to continually adapt, optimize and sustain performance in the challenging and ever-evolving landscape of the workplace. 

With twelve years of experience under her belt, Emma is a prolific thought leader in the learning and development space as well as a public speaker and leadership coach. She is passionate about harnessing wellness and wisdom to help business leaders and teams alike to achieve their business goals. 

In this interview, Emma shares her insights on creating truly inclusive workplaces, maintaining talent in a sustainable way, and more. 

Emma will be joining us at our upcoming Workplace X Inspired Summit at Syon Park, London on November 10th, 2022 as moderator for our keynote panel “What does the Workforce Really Want?” where she’ll be sharing even more insights on how we can change our workplaces for the better.

To listen to the full interview, please click below.