Powering Innovation with the Democratization of Technology

Moderator: Douglas Hamandishe, Chief Clinical Information Officer and Broadcaster/Presenter, NHS & Centric Health Media

Panelist: Teresa Wu, VP of Software engineering, JP Morgan & Chase co.

Panelist: Bobby Abraham, Global VP – Architecture, Change & Transformation, AstraZeneca

Panelist: Diana Rodriguez, Global Business Solutions Director, Pladis Global

Panelist: Mark McCluskey, Director of Architecture, Analysis and Design, Three

87% of executives agree they need to provide their teams with the tools to think like technologists to improve business capabilities. To utilize technology solutions at an individual level, analyze data and elevate processes without highly technical skills. The visibility of Technology within organizations can equalize teams and create a culture of innovation, empowering them to put forward new ideas and processes to improve the business.

In this panel, they discuss how you can provide your teams with the autonomy to think like technologists and place them at the heart of your organization’s digital transformation.

Opening panel discussion from our CIO Summit at Syon Park, London on November 17th, 2022.