Managing IT Priorities in 2023 – Risk, Cost, Automation, Digital & Sustainability

With organizations facing the third consecutive year of uncertainty, how does your IT team deliver what your organization needs while maintaining the ability to change direction?

CIOs and IT leaders are all considering how to manage their priorities including managing spend without negatively impacting the organization. Not only is it possible to do so, but there is also the potential for CIOs to ensure their organizations thrive.

Snow Software surveyed 800 organizations and identified their areas of focus in 2023. In this masterclass Snow Software’s own CIO, Alastair Pooley, discusses how you can manage priorities including:

· Managing risk and the threat of ransomware

· Improving visibility of your technology spend and optimizing it to save cost

· Delivering automation that enriches IT work to help retain talent

· Managing your digital costs running in the public cloud

· Delivering a sustainable IT plan

Masterclass from our CIO Summit at Syon Park, London on November 17th 2022.