Achieving more with less – Maintaining IT operations through the cost of living crisis

In today’s economic landscape, companies worldwide are grappling with a shared conundrum – how can we optimise and grow while keeping budgets in check? Now more than ever, the importance of technology cannot be overstated. It has evolved from being a mere facilitator to being the backbone of modern enterprises. As industries tighten their purse strings, it’s imperative that we don’t compromise on our IT operations. They are, after all, pivotal in ensuring our businesses not only survive but thrive in these challenging times.

Eoin Fleming, the Chief Information Officer at Carne Group, is no stranger to these challenges. With a rich history of navigating the complex world of IT operations amidst fluctuating economic conditions, he offers invaluable insights. In an exclusive interview, Fleming delves deep into the strategies IT leaders can employ to adeptly handle inflation while ensuring their IT strategies align perfectly with business priorities.

What can attendees expect from this dialogue with Fleming? Insight, strategy, and real-world applications. There’s an anticipation in the air, not just for his profound knowledge on the subject but also for a sneak peek into his forthcoming session at the CIO Ireland Summit.

For those keen to immerse themselves in a more hands-on experience with Fleming, there’s more in store. Eoin will be spearheading a workshop at the CIO Summit on September 21st, held at the esteemed K Club in Ireland. This promises to be an enriching session, drawing from his vast experiences, presenting actionable strategies, and fostering collaborative discussions among the attendees.

As IT leaders worldwide seek to bridge the gap between financial constraints and the relentless march of technological advancement, insights from industry stalwarts like Eoin Fleming are not just beneficial; they are essential.

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