Published February 7, 2022

Hybrid Working has the Power to Transform | Speaking with Tata Communications’ Will Chadwick


In the dramatically changing work environment of the last 2 years, yo-yo-ing between lockdown and returning to the office, to work from home directives, then back to the office again – we’ve seen a shift in employee attitudes. They no longer want to work in the office, but have a far more flexible approach to where they do their work, and IT and HR leaders are hurrying to create the right cultural and practical environments to support them. On top of that, business leaders are asking how they can drive collaboration, innovation and growth in this new environment?

Hear from Will Chadwick, Hybrid Workplace Solutions Director, UKI at Tata Communications, on the key technologies enabling this transformation:

  • Creating ‘one-touch workspaces’ for spontaneity, ease of working, team working and collaboration.
  • Keeping your data, assets and applications secure in this ‘always on’ expanded digital workspace.
  • Leveraging best practice ways of connecting to your wider customer, partner and supplier ecosystem easily and at minimum cost.
  • Making the most of your enterprise mobile strategy to improve and streamline collaboration and communication whilst ensuring compliance.

To listen to the full interview, please click below.



Abi Labaton

Head of Content and Engagement

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