Everyday Automation – How Generative AI is impacting daily transformation | CIO Inspired Summit

Moderator: Kanika Selvan, Director – Beetroot Consulting

Speaker: Stephanie Roddy, Global Senior IT Director – Kellanova

Speaker: Russell Smith, VP of ERP Transformation Technology – AstraZeneca

Speaker: Stephen Miller, CIO – International Personal Finance Plc

As we continue to experience how AI is reshaping our daily work landscape by reshaping routines, simplifying tasks, and enhancing efficiency, the questions remain over several areas that significantly impact how our businesess continue to operate. During this panel we will investigate: * Embracing automation demands new skills, creating skill gaps for some in rapidly evolving roles. * Job displacement from automation necessitates workforce realignment, bringing both uncertainty and opportunities. * The growth in privacy and ethical concerns, urging careful considerations to safeguard personal information and build public trust in automated, interconnected daily activities.

Watch the full panel below