Delivering Digital Experience: Why the Right Platform is Key

In today’s experience economy, unique digital experiences have become a competitive advantage. But delivering these experiences is not easy, and organizations are struggling to convert strategies into value. Too often, technology leaders have had to focus on building platforms to hide complexity and increase productivity, investing significant time, money, and unique skill sets in infrastructure instead of digital innovation. In this masterclass, WSO2’s Director- Solutions Architecture David Gaen explores the following topics. As a strategist or a craftsman in a digital transformation journey, you might be thinking:

– Why is having a digital platform a critical success factor?

– What are the characteristics of a digital platform in the modern experience economy, and cloud-native architecture?

– How does a digital platform fuel and expedite an organization’s digital strategy and the effectiveness of digital strategists?

A masterclass from our CISO Summit at Syon Park, London on November 17th, 2022.