Content Supply Chain: How Technology and People-Powered Growth Drives Marketing Revenue | Andy Mullings

You need to harness the content challenge. Gold-standard personalized marketing, and the need to do more with less, are increasing the demand for content across multiple channels. It’s no longer sufficient to leave content marketing to chance. Technology and people-powered growth is the solution. Building a robust Content Supply Chain around this principle is the key to turning content marketing from a business burden to a revenue-generating machine capable of nurturing your pipeline. In this session, Andy Mullings, Global Director at Bluprintx, will take you on a step-by-step journey to building a Content Supply Chain that serves technology and people-powered growth. From uncovering the underlying challenges faced by modern marketing teams, to showing how effective solutions cascade through People, Workflow, Technology and Data, Andy will build a case for realigning your focus on growth. You’ll learn ways to develop a Content Supply Chain that delivers: Team productivity – from automated, fast and efficient work. Customer experience – leading to acquisition and retention. Employee satisfaction – enabling higher impact work and career growth. Closing the loop, Andy will showcase how to develop compound gains by wisely reinvesting the time and resources you’ve saved using a Content Supply Chain. Technology and people-powered growth is the key. Learn to leverage its benefits in this session.

Watch the full masterclass below