CISO Panel – Redefining Cyber Resilience – Fortify, Adapt, and Thrive | CISO Summit

The increasing importance assigned to resilience by numerous organizations acknowledges the harsh reality that optimal security cannot assure 100 percent protection. Resilience measures aim to secure operational continuity following a successful breach, and organisations need to be prepared for the prospect of an attack, and how they can maintain operations should the case arise. This panel will discuss: – Shifting Focus to Resilience: Acknowledging that perfect security is unattainable, and prioritizing resilience measures can ensure operational continuity post-breach, and reflect a pragmatic approach to cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for potential attacks rather than solely relying on prevention. – Preparedness for Breach Response: Cultivating resilience involves not only preventing attacks but also minimizing data loss and downtime through robust incident response plans and recovery strategies. – Strategic Priority in 2024: Investing in resilience measures becomes paramount as organizations recognize the inevitability of cyberattacks and prioritize the resilience of their operations to thrive in an increasingly volatile digital environment. Speakers: Jamie Whitcombe-Jones, Former CISO, Moderator Dave Harcourt, Chief Security Authority and BT Fellow at BT Group Matt Woodman, CISO & Director Technology Services at UK Research And Innovation Paul Griffiths, CISO at Delinian

Watch the full masterclass below