CIO Panel – Simplification Before Digitalisation | CIO Summit

Before embarking on any business transformation, it’s crucial to acknowledge the multitude of components that require scrutiny. To successfully implement change, whether technological or otherwise, one must thoroughly consider factors such as personnel, procedures, and standards. Engaging the entire organization in the transformation process fosters a cultural shift essential for achieving success. This panel discussion will cover the following topics: – Acknowledging the imperative for digitalization and transformation. – Cultivating a culture conducive to embracing change and providing support for its effective implementation. – Evaluating the current state of the business infrastructure to determine genuine needs. – Crafting strategic roadmaps that emphasize the journey as well as the destination. Speakers: Anna Barsby, Former Group CTIO, Moderator Alison Court, Chief Transformation Officer at Oxfam Carolyn Kirwin, CTO – Group Enterprise Systems at Hiscox Andrew McLennan, Managing Director – Global Head of Technology, Private Assets at Nuveen, A TIAA Company

Watch the full masterclass below