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Is Your Media and Creative Really Connecting?


Consumers love going down rabbit holes. They welcome serendipitous discovery. They only “tolerate” ads. Therefore, it is crucial to build campaigns that leverage creative, data, research, and innovative technology with each tactic. The synergistic marriage of media technology and creative is a key ingredient in dynamic and customized campaigns.  


When you evaluate your company’s strategy, how strong is that marriage? Is your creative truly supporting the complexity of your media strategy? Is your media strategy complex enough to support the breadth and depth of your data, creative and content?

To answer these questions, evaluate how well your creative, content and media teams are “really” working together.

At 26 Dot Two, our goal is to fuse media and creative with a unified strategy.  We like to start with an “all teams on deck” brainstorm to discuss the brand objectives, initial creative ideation, content, and available technology and platforms. It is common for us to hear excitement from creative teams that didn’t realize “they could do that”. Our media teams get excited about bringing the creative to life.  These brainstorms are full of “what if’s” that propel both teams to higher levels.


Some recent brainstorms resulted in questions like:


What’s the sequential strategy? Are there specific personas that we want to create customized communication paths for? We’re doing OOH but what if we could import signals like weather and further customize the creative within the brand framework? What is our plan to continue the conversation from key events and activations?


Here are a few thought starters to use when evaluating how well your media and creative are connecting:


  • Opportunistic and dynamic messaging, either for unique consumer personas or leveraging other signals, can be made dynamic with different tactics.


  • Re-targeting is an opportunity to serve sequential and more dynamic creative, as opposed to a “one size fits all” or abandon cart unit.  Re-targeting re-engineering is one of the single most over-looked opportunities in elevating performance.


  • Where possible, tag influencer content to continue the conversation.


  • Think about leveraging digital footprints from those exposed to event activations to keep the conversation going.


  • True sequential messaging is about creative delivery that weaves an ongoing storyline or path to discovery and interest. Are your consumers really engaged?


  • Make sure your strategy is engineered to pivot quickly as learnings are gained.


  • Think about video as unique units rather than a :06 being ½ of the :15 and a :15 half of the :30. Look at each as stand alone units and how they are served. A 06 can be used to tease, a :15 to continue to lead the consumer down a path, and potentially longer term content for those interested in more.


  • What innovation tactics are in your sandbox? Are you leveraging all of the available Alphas and Betas from existing partners as well as exploring early on learnings from cutting edge and bleeding edge solutions?


Chris Beck is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer at 26 Dot Two in NYC. He can be reached at


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