It’s Time to Radically Change the Way We Create Websites

Unlock your marketing team’s potential to build websites faster and at greater scale by creating branded website templates in Brandcast’s code-free platform

It’s a typical planning meeting and you and the rest of your digital team are developing your quarterly content strategy. You may be working on a new product launch, an exciting company-wide initiative, your next major marketing campaign, filling in content gaps for your sales team, or a combination of all of the above. Things seem to be moving along well until it hits you: How can you possibly produce all of this content with the limited amount of time and resources available to your team?It’s the question every marketer faces in today’s content-driven world, but many don’t know how to answer. And to make things more complicated, buyers aren’t just asking for more content, but rather more content that is personalized to them and readily available online.

So how can marketers meet the demands of buyers? Or rather, how can digital teams become more agile, making it possible to deliver more personalized content at scale? The easy answer is to build more web-based content, but how is this possible when the current process of building websites or even landing pages is so utterly flawed?

We live in a world where every week there is a new technology to make our professional and personal lives easier. But for some reason, the way we build and maintain websites has remained relatively unchanged and incredibly painful. For most companies, web projects require teams to use numerous technologies and endless hours of developer resources, taking months to complete and providing little transparency along the way. Not to mention the fact that after the project is complete, it is difficult for digital teams to make minor updates to content or copy.

We’re creating websites in the same way were were back in 2003, when using a web developer to code your site by hand was the only option. We were taught, and therefore have accepted, that this was the only way to build websites. Isn’t it time for a change?

Some will say there has been a movement to simplify web development, from companies like Squarespace, Wix and Weebly, but at what cost? These platforms make it easy to spin up beautiful websites quickly. However, what they gain in speed and ease of use they lose in true design freedom, meaningful integrations with key technologies, and potential to scale.

So what’s a marketer to do? Brandcast is the first platform to radically change the way digital teams build and manage websites. It’s the first to make it possible for all members of the digital team (designers, marketers, content creators, and developers) to complete all of their website-related work in a single platform. To go one step further, the Brandcast Design Studio also offers a code-free web design experience, meaning all work a designer completes can be published directly to the web, without needing to move to a development stage. This dramatic shift in workflow results in a platform that cuts down on cost and time to market and fosters positive collaboration and transparency across the entire digital team.

Changing the way your team builds websites will also open up new opportunities that were previously off-limits: design work becomes repeatable and reusable, making it easier to maintain brand consistency and streamlining workflows. By unlocking your digital team’s potential, you’ve empowered them to scale your content initiatives further than ever before

Streamlining Your Workflow How often do you start your designs from scratch for a short-term project, product launch, or piece of collateral? Every time? What if you could easily repurpose or reuse previous design work without having to dig into complex code? With Brandcast, any design work, from websites and webpages, to key design snippets, can be saved and replicated in future projects. This means your non-designers have a repository of design resources at their fingertips, allowing them to create content quickly and freeing up your design team to unlock their creativity and focus on new designs.

Brand Consistency How many times have you seen something your sales team sent out to a potential buyer and cringed at the design? Or even worse the use of an old logo? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

By saving a series of on-brand web templates for various landing pages and sales materials, your non-design teams will have the ability to create on-brand content without using up design resources for every small project. And with the addition of custom snippets, you can also save key design elements, such as hero images, grids, or videos, which make it even easier for non-design teams to piece together exactly what they need.

Unlock Your Content Potential Once you radically change the way you build and manage websites, you’ll find yourself with extra time and more resources, making it easier to build out your company’s content repository. You know that project that always has been just out of reach? Get it done.

Through the use of custom templates and design snippets, you’ll be able to convert your companies’ one pagers, case studies, pitch decks, proposals, landing pages, and more into beautiful websites quickly and cost effectively, increasing happiness for not only your buyer but also for you and the rest of the digital team!

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