March 26 2020, Virtual Roundtables, Hosted by Inspired

Information Technology Virtual Roundtable

An Intimate Evening of Strategic Discussions for CIOs and Senior IT Leaders

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5 Senior Decision-Makers

90 Minutes

3 Topic Questions


In our fast-paced world of Technology, Senior Decision Makers are under pressure to solve their IT problems without enough time or resources at hand when required. Continuous learning and development of the industry’s leading CIOs are important to enterprises so they can stay in control of their technology and remain secure.  With our information-driven business relationship format, we allow leading industry solution providers a chance to become the solution by driving discussions much desired by our senior IT delegation.

Hosted by a leading IT Solution-Provider, this Virtual Roundtable invites senior Information Technology leaders to discuss their experiences with effective strategies and how they consider their own role in today’s landscape.

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Virtual Roundtables offer a flexible and convenient platform for senior corporate leaders to engage in thought-leading discussions without the need to travel. Using our established virtual meetings platform, Virtual Roundtables allow business executives to fit important learning into their busy schedules by connecting to their peers from the location of their choice. Each 90-minute Virtual Roundtable session will see five senior decision-makers take part in a moderated discussion on a key topic affecting their sector. The conversations will be supported by an industry-leading solution provider and will help professionals to identify actionable solutions to their challenges.

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