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CMO Conference – USA


Businesses are aligning their people, processes, and culture to achieve their organisations’ long-term digital success. Business leaders need to be at the forefront of this transition if they are to install confidence in both their employees and customers.This coupled with the introduction of technologies such as Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) has meant that the interpretation of the large volumes of data being created is improving business insights, predictive accuracy and decision-making, and in turn driving innovation forward in many organisations. This panel discussion will discuss the ways in which today’s business leaders manage digital transition, including security implications that arise, and how they are reacting to the insights being generated in order to remain competitive.

“The Highest Level of Business Engagement for Marketing Decision Makers”.
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The CMO Conference produced by Inspired, hosts top level marketing executives in London, New York, Amsterdam, Dublin, Stockholm, Orlando and Dubai, that provides a world class platform for advanced business knowledge and collaboration between industry leading solution providers and Chief Marketing Officers.

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New York City,
United States