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CMO Conference Dublin


Our businesses have undergone significant changes over the past few years. Customer driven innovation has bought about new technologies, deeper consumer insights, and along with it, a whole new dynamic to the data threat landscape. While many organisations are still driving their transformation strategies, operational efficiency and measuring the bottom line has now returned to the forefront as “Return on Investment” transforms to “Return on Innovation”. Today’s business leaders now must face a balancing act between continuing to invest in technologies and talent who can drive their business to a competitive advantage, with ensuring they are only prioritising innovations that can create true business value. This panel will discuss their findings from the past few year’s investments, and discuss what has worked, what hasn’t, and where to go next.
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The CMO Conference produced by Inspired, hosts top level marketing executives in London, New York, Amsterdam, Dublin, Stockholm, Orlando and Dubai, that provides a world class platform for advanced business knowledge and collaboration between industry leading solution providers and Chief Marketing Officers.

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