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CIO Conference Benelux

“The Highest Level of Business Engagement for Information Technology Decision Makers”

On 5th December 2019, our Information Technology Conference, the CIO Conference Benelux takes place in Apollo Hotel, Vinkeveen. Situated just outside Amsterdam on the Vinkeveens Plassen. The Apollo Hotel Vinkeveen is the perfect combination of nature and city. The premium setting for this luxury IT conference.

The CIO Conference Benelux is an immersive business experience for high-level executives from all aspects of the Information Technology landscape in the Benelux market. This full day of thought-leadership workshops, strategic business meetings and networking sessions provides attending executives with a platform to develop important business relationships, gain knowledge and solve their latest business challenges.

We host some of Benelux’s leading industry experts to inspire and educate senior delegates through a range of stimulating workshops. The agenda will look at important Information Technology topics such as the ways that businesses are replicating the use of consumer technology in the workplace to create a more dynamic work environment. How DevOps can enable the agile transformation of a business and inform on how barriers to adoption can be overcome. The ways in which business are becoming more data literate, and which tools they are utilising to help align the ways in which they use data to align with business objectives. The best ways in which to implement a good business culture, and will give key examples of where a productive and positive culture has had a substantial impact on the way in which the business innovates.  And the importance of security at a conception of innovation and development, and the ways in which this strategy can create a beneficial result for today’s businesses.

Qualified Meetings
A perfect business partnership solution for clients and vendors
Industry Knowledge
Leading moderators and speakers delivering educational business keynotes
Business Intelligence
Collaborative learning and problem solving between buyers and providers
Interactive Experience
Engage in our bespoke events platform to control and review your daily agenda
Online Media
Access to recorded presentations & materials for all business participants
Executive Profiling
Develop meaningful relationships by sharing key challenges & focus areas


The CIO Conference produced by Inspired, hosts top level information technology executives in London, New York, Amsterdam, Dublin, Stockholm, Orlando and Dubai, that provides a world class platform for advanced business knowledge and collaboration between industry leading solution providers and Chief Information Officers.

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You will find the event at...

Apollo Hotel
3645 BA Vinkeveen,