Inspired Business Media has offered out its digital alternative to physical events, Virtual Roundtables to its wider network. Virtual Roundtables will offer a flexible and convenient platform for senior corporate leaders to engage in thought-leading discussions without the need to travel.

Using our established virtual meetings platform, Virtual Roundtables will allow business executives to fit important learning into their busy schedules by connecting to their peers from the location of their choice.

“Recent challenges such as national flooding and virus outbreaks have alerted us to react and offer out our virtual events platform to our wider network,” said Jason Awatar, Director at Inspired Business Media. “Offering Virtual Roundtables out beyond our current clients is a natural transition that will complement our core business.”

Since its foundation in 2013, Inspired Business Media has produced business conferences at luxury venues in London, Dublin, Amsterdam and New York. Attracting more than 2,000 senior executives to its events each year, Inspired is trusted by world-leading clients including Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon, HP and Dell. Virtual Roundtables will introduce an efficient way to our network of prospects to connect business leaders at a time where travelling for business may be reduced.

Each 90-minute Virtual Roundtable session will see five senior decision-makers take part in a moderated discussion on a key topic affecting their sector. The conversations will be supported by an industry-leading solution provider and will help professionals to identify actionable solutions to their challenges.

All Virtual Roundtables sessions will be recorded and will gather valuable data through live polling to be used by the participants in their business research.

Inspired Business Media specialises in connecting business leaders across seven industries: Information Security, Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Facilities Management, Corporate Real Estate, Human Resources and Learning and Development. The new Virtual Roundtables will be available to each of these sectors, with bespoke industry discussions also available on request.

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