How AI is Improving Customer Experience


More than 50% of companies are taking steps to employ AI in their operations to improve their customer’s experiences, this comes as businesses are becoming more aware of the power AI holds when analysing and processing customer data including, human behaviours and emotions.

Continue reading to see some of the ways AI can improve your customer experience…


Better Understanding of the Customer 

AI and machine learning allows you to better understand customers through the way it is able to gather, track and analyse customer behaviours and data accurately in order to help customise and create the best customer experience possible. 

Sven Feurer, senior director of engineering and operations at SAP Customer Experience shares his views on AI and Customer Experience saying “AI has the potential to help brands connect with customers on a more personal level, thus increasing loyalty and securing trust not just for now, but post-pandemic as well”. 

An example of this is personalised recommendations and adverts which are chosen specifically for the customer through analysing and understanding the customer’s intent through their data and providing them with hyper-personalised content. This is targeted specifically to an individuals wants and needs instead of grouping people into categories. 



Chatbots are also an example of how AI can improve your customer’s experience. Chatbots are best described as “software applications that are integrated into various platforms to automatically engage with incoming messages or actually start conversations in a naturally human way.” Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular as customer demands are changing and requiring faster solutions that can be implemented and used in any business. 

One of the main advantages of Chatbots is the time they save as they are able to instantly answer your customers questions and queries 24/7365 which has proved to be one of the most important factors when it comes to customer experience and satisfaction, 43% of all shoppers are willing to pay more for greater convenience. As well as saving your customers time, chatbots also free up your employees as they won’t have to worry about responding to as many queries and can instead apply themselves to other tasks. 


Increases Sales Conversions 

Overall, Chatbots are proven to help drive sales and create leads. Through having Chatbots that are able to provide customer support 24/7 customers feel as though their expectations are being met, trust your product/brand, and therefore are more likely to buy from you time and time again!

As well as this, Chatbots are capable of helping to convert leads through the way they ask specific questions to gain certain information which can be a great tool for your sales time to refer to and utilise when building relationships and scheduling further appointments.


Ultimately, AI is going to be a huge driving force in creating better experiences for customers and those businesses who are quick to get on board and adapt to the changes will see the most benefits.

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