Published September 20, 2021

Attending a Roundtable Networking Dinner – Your Questions Answered


Have you been invited to a Roundtable Networking Dinner but don’t know what to expect? Have you heard about networking dinners from a colleague and want to get involved? You’re in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about attending a Roundtable Networking Dinner. 


What is a Roundtable Networking Dinner?

Roundtable Networking Dinners bring business executives together to network and build relationships with their like-minded peers. Dinners are hosted at luxury venues in business hub spots in major cities such as London, Manchester, Dublin and New York where attendees enjoy a fine dining experience and a moderated roundtable discussion with ten like-minded business professionals and a supporting solution provider. These dinners are themed to discuss specific topics or challenges that you and your peers are facing in your industry, to not only network and build relationships but also to potentially solve problems you and your organisation may be facing. 


What are the benefits?

  • Networking and learning – Meeting like-minded peers and solution providers for an evening of networking and thought leadership discussion 
  • City centre locations – Roundtable Networking Dinners are held at business hub spots in major cities (most likely a short walk or tube stop away from your office) meaning they’re easy to get to after your working day. They are also often held in the evening, meaning you don’t have to take a whole day out of the office to attend an event.
  • A luxury experience to remember – Roundtable networking Dinners are held in 5 star, luxury venues where you will be treated to fine dining and drinks in a high-end yet relaxed setting


Who attends? 

Our Roundtable Networking Dinners are made up of ten business executives, an independent moderator to facilitate discussion and a speaker from a solution provider. Dinners are industry-specific, meaning you will be in the company of like-minded peers within your area of work allowing you to build valuable relationships. 


What does the evening look like?

Here’s a play by play of what a typical Roundtable Networking Dinner looks like:


5:45 – 6:30: Arrival and networking drinks reception

6:30 – 6:40: Welcome address

6:45 – 8:30: Roundtable discussion and a three-course meal

6:30 – 8:40: Networking and closing remarks

8:45 – 9:30: Drinks reception


How much does it cost to attend?

Nothing! Roundtable Networking Dinners are absolutely free for attendees. All food and drinks are complimentary so you can relax and network with your peers knowing the bill is taken care of.  


How can I get involved?

If you would like to know more about upcoming Roundtable Networking Dinners in your area that align with your business goals get in touch with the Inspired Business Media Team today to hear more about our upcoming events. 

Miriam Collett

PR and Communications Manager

Inspired Business Media